HB Dental Construction Week 13

HB Dental Construction Week 13

We have 2 weeks left in the project before the surgery reopens on the 20th. All the joinery built off-site is being moved on-site and installed. All the specialist equipment and furnishings will be installed next week by our dental consultants.



Internally, our full shop length storage wall incorporating back of reception, dental records, miscellaneous storage, admin area, staff lockers and mechanical closet is being installed. It’s a nice long run of built-in joinery that should make the surgery operate smoothly and efficiently. The delta supernova lights are in with their diffuse panel and they dim very smoothly, both within reception and the surgery rooms. Our glass wall is up and awaiting our graphic manifestation which comes in at the very end.



Externally our signage has been installed. The fret cut lettering is sharp and when illuminated the signs look very nice and clean. We especially like the projected sign. All that awaits the shop-front is now the awning and some vinyl graphics to the glazing.